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Don’t underestimate this research chemical, it is very potent. If you do not have a scale, start with a (very) small pinch sandwiched between your herb of choice in a normal water bong. Ideally, it is good to use a proper freebase pipe for the vaporization of the 5-MeO.
Kelvin Coleman
From Dallas, USA
Best quality in my opinion, it’s my first time shopping from this store and I’m happy by the Customer service ! By the way this dmt powder is one of the best that I got for my research, very satisfied
Milla Swan
From Australia
I continued floating around in the three dimensional DMT space without anything too significant happening, when I was found by a very advanced extraterrestrial being. His kind liked humanity and they enjoyed helping humans evolve at a very fast rate...
Jennifer Miller
From Los Angeles, Cali
Really works! I’ve been taking this a few nights a week over the past month and every time I take it I sleep soundly and have vivid dreams just before I wake!
Jacob Luke
From Canada
at fisrt i was not so convinced to make an order then i decided to give it a try and at the end of the day i realised that i was loosing and others were gaining shop your dmt for what ever reason you are buyng cus they are the best i can tell so far.
Rex Barns
From Colorado, USA
I received my order first 20 days after purchase as expected tested the quality using testing processes and I must say it’s pretty pure more than I expected.
Martin Smith
From Australia
Tests showed promising results. Very potent, please use a decent mg scale when measuring. Extra points for the amazing customer support!
Bryan Oxford
From Japan
Interesting product for some, boring for others. Very good quality no matter what. I can spend hours working on
Carlos Monroe
From London, UK